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Ads for Africa: Top 10 free classifieds website in South Africa

Forum wrote that Classified websites are the biggest thing in South Africa and not just in South Africa but in all 7 continents globally, including Africa, Asia, North, and South Africa, Europe, Australia, and Antarctica. Many businesses and private users have many successful stories to tell through the use of free classified ads. Running a successful listing site takes years and dedication, furthermore, you can spend so much money promoting it. In South Africa, there are very popular listing sites such as Gumtree and OLX. These are the biggest companies and have ads all over media including TV, Radio, Print, and Digital. South Africa has grown massively when it comes to online classified websites. In the midst of all the best sites, there are smaller sites and starting up websites such as - a free classified website designed to easily navigate around the side. is part of the

Looking at where history brings us about, South Africans use to advertise their free ads in newspapers such as (JunkMail), etc. Junkmail just like many other South African advertising companies that eventually went digital, allowed users to easily sign up and post their ads for potential buyers. These are merely peer-to-peer marketplaces designed for personal use, but businesses have taken that as an advantage to promote their businesses.

Businesses and service providers had only TV and print ads as their primary way of promoting their products to their potential market. Technology has grown massively and has made things easier and cheaper. South African has a number of free classified websites, some of which literally pop out in a day in a hope of creating a successful community of advertisers.

Free classified ads websites have tons of categories to accommodate all services and products.

The categories that you can post in include:


Phones & Tablets


Furniture & Appliances

Real estate

Animals & Pets


Beauty & Wellbeing




Local Events


However, we want to discuss with you 10 classified websites found in South Africa. Some are international brands but still serving to the South African audience as well. 

Top 10 classifieds

There as many over 10 classified websites that provide free posting of ads. However some may need you to pay for promoting your free ad to reach out a lot of people visiting the website. When you have a products to sell, perhaps looking for a cheaper car online or just looking for someone to purchase your iphone, these are the top 10 lisiting websites to consider. 


This is a free classified ads website in South Africa, designed to help you post your products and any other listing you may have. The categories mentioned above are all available on Just as the name states, you can advertise your services, jobs, or perhaps look for a relationship and post your ad with which is a mere redirection to the site. 

Advertisements free classifieds

    The reason why I recommend Advertisements is because of its user-friendly interface

It is free - and if you are not willing to register an account, it allows you to post without registration. Advertisements used to be called (The move is permanent). The site deletes suspected scam ads from time-to-time also with the help of users from reporting ads. CONS

  • The site doesn’t accept traditional doctor’s ads
  • Abortion ads are prohibited
  • Ads verification may take more than 5 hours depending on the number of pending ads
  • Without an account, you are unable to manage your ads

    Yes, Gumtree remains the number one classified ads website in South Africa with nearly 10 million page views per month.

At the time of this publication, according to Gumtree is in the 22nd position in South Africa in regard to website traffic. However, on 15 May 2020, it was sitting in the 13th position. At the time of this publication, Yahoo was sitting in the 13th position.

Gumtree has a user-friendly interface and it keeps on improving for the better, which is probably why it remains the number one visited classified website on a daily basis.

  1. OL
    OLX has been improving over the years and has become one of the best free advertising websites in South Africa.

The verification system and method used on OLX are more secure and advanced. OLX has tons of categories to select from. Many South Africans prefer the use of the OLX App for its simplified functionality and modern look.

  1. Junk Mail
    Junk Mail is possibly the largest classified advertising company in the industry, from the beginning of time using print to this day, to digital, SMSs, and Phone marketing.

Users can place adverts via Call Center, fax, website, Mobi website, or SMS.

  1. Locanto South Africa
    Laconto South Africa
    Locanto belongs to Yalwa, an internet company based in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Yalwa is a business listing website and supports many countries. However, South Africa is not available on platform. South Africans make use of Laconto. The other primary focus for the classified ads website is online dating.

  1. Ads Africa

    Ads Africa is self-explanatory when it comes to posting ads.

The advertising company has a platform for adults in most countries. It is estimated that Ads Africa receives nearly 2 million users per month if not a little bit over.

  1. Public Ads
    public ads
    Public Ads was launched in 2009, according to their website, they have over 1 million people using Public Ads.

Public Ads is 100% free, over 280,000 ads are viewed every month. This is also one of the best platforms to sell your products or promote your business.

  1. Howzit 

    Howzit is a free classified website that allows you to “BUMP” your ads every day so they can stay at the top.

They offer about enough space for your ads, just like most south African classified websites, they have a strict anti-SCAM policy.

  1. Niche Market
    Niche Market started in 2015 as a digital marketing agency in Cape Town, 3 years later, an idea emerged, and the classified niche website was born.

Nichemarket is a social marketplace and business-to-consumer matchmaker at no extra cost.

  1. Afribaba

On Afribaba™ South Africa you can buy and sell items, rent, and communicate in more than 120 different categories.

Afribaba is one of the best-classified websites in South Africa. The list keeps on as there are a few other well-deserving classifieds to be mentioned.